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How to move about the board efficiently

Posted by Dave G on 6/10/2006, 7:29 pm

I wrote this up for a friend who didn't know about it and I said I would post this information here in case some users don't know about this technique for using a mouse.

It is about using a "back" button on a mouse. Basically it is using the extra thumb buttons on some mice (I have a MS IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0) as a “back button” or, setting up your mouse to make the scroll wheel function the same as hitting the “back button” when you press it. The thumb button on a mouse is usually "back key" by default but you may have to set it up in your mouse software and you definitely have to use the software for the center scroll button. It gets rid of a lot of scrolling and mouse movement and instead you just use the left button and center button with only minor mouse movement.

When you click on a thread that is very long you generally, have to scroll down to the next message or move your cursor all the way up to the left-hand corner of the browser to go back and then you have the next thread right there. Easier yet is to just hit the back button on your mouse (left thumb or center scroll button) which takes you back to the link you just hit, slide the mouse down a 1/4 inch and left click the next message link. This REALLY speeds up reading the messages.

I know this sounds a little confusing but try it. If you don’t understand my garbled instructions, post a question about what I wasn’t clear on and I, or someone else can come on and explain a bit more. This technique makes browsing any web site with links much easier and quicker.