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Is cutting weight necessarily a bad thing?

I have read many posts on the message board about cutting weight for wrestling and I generally stay away from those threads as they can get ugly very quick.  I get a chuckle out of the ones that say you should get as BIG as you can and never cut weight.  The reality is that you should try to get to a "lean" weight, whether you wrestle or not.  My oldest son was playing football and on his way to getting "big" when he decided on his own to "cut" some weight.  This is Brandon after cutting 30 lbs and then putting back on 10 pounds of muscle.  I think most people are better off, and happier with themselves after cutting weight.  I know Brandon is.  Just something to think about next time the weight cutting issue (for and against) comes up.  There is the RIGHT way to do things and there is the WRONG way to do things. It is up to each person to learn the RIGHT way.

Brandon Gilbertson 2002 - 195lbs

Brandon Gilbertson 2005 - 175 lbs