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Cultural Exchange News
Washington State Wrestling Coaches Association
Cultural Exchange-2004
Krasnik Poland
June 24 July 3
To receive a nomination application a High school wrestler must be nominated by their coach, place in the state high school tournament, or place in freestyle qualifier tournaments
Cultural Exchange Qualifiers March 13, 2004 at Bellingham HS Results
84- Garret Myhre
98- Andrew Walt
105-Josiah Klipperberg
Kyle Foster
Jacob Trieu
112-Sammy Bisbey
Jake Grillo
Andy Duncan
119-Tyler Eaton
Taylor Reijm
Jared Jackson
125-Kai Bruno
Taylor Perry
130-Chris Sales
John Brady
Joshua Lee
135-Shawn O'Donnell
Andrian Siers
Kris Little
140-Nick Jordan
Zach Byers
Sam Abrams
145-Ricky Dorward
Nic Caldwell
Kyle Brown
152-Lance Larson
Cory Wright
160-Clavin Moore
Nick Henrickson
Wyatt Davidson
171-Evan Parberry
Mohammid Mustafa
Matt Johnston
189-Stevn Valdez
Andrew Reninger
Jason Wright
275-Theron McCain
Zak Rytzak
Derek Altona
119-Devin Spencer
Karlson Miller
Morrison Wolff
125-Tyson Metz
Matt Barnes
Brandon Montieth
130-Nathan Decker
Scott Thompson
Casey Rodgers
135-Patrick Smpson
Chris Manther
Jake Gonzales
140-Ross Lampers
Brian Hise
Jace Cutrer
145-Justin Davidson
Zack Smith
Phillip Jacobson
152-Tanner McCoy
Myles Peckman
Ryan Conley
160-Tony Dorward
Will Smith
Jonas Brown
171-will post when found
189-will post when found
215-Tom Lorenson
AJ Weber
Talon Venturo
275-Daniel Vandermolen
Chris Miller
Tommy Hater

Qestions: refer to the Washington State wrestling coaches web page.